Window and Door Installation and Repair

Door and Window Replacement or Repair of Minneapolis

Window and Door Installation and Repair

Wherever … a Door or Window is creaking ...

Save on energy bills and let the light in—repair or replace your windows with the New Creations Handyman.

Storm damage, settling and age can cause problems over time with your home’s windows. This can affect the energy efficiency of your home and compromise window function.

The New Creations Handyman has the know-how to properly repair, fix and even replace your windows.


Let us take care of your window and door repair or replacement needs including...

Insulating your windows properly is critical to your comfort in the Minnesota winter!

Drafty Windows

  • stop air leaks around your windows
  • install weather proofing/stripping
  • install seasonal weather barrier film
  • consider upgrading to newer window technologies designed to be far more efficient

Window Repairs

  • replace glazing (glass)
  • repair rotted window sill and sash
  • tighten and fix window hardware
  • put in drain holes—avoid wood rot (especially for older windows)
Screen doors and windows keep mosquitos out on a warm Minnesota night!

You've probably seen or heard about those expensive window and siding companies that send out trained sales representatives to "pitch" you their products. The New Creations Handyman can save you from those high-stress sales pitches. Our experienced installers can handle any window installation -- with the convenience and ease of using a hometown Minneapolis /St. Paul based handyman.

Window Installation

  • upgrade one or all of your windows to higher energy efficient windows—get a tax break
  • add a window for more light and ventilation
  • put in a larger window for a better view

Screen Repairs and Replacement

  • keep the mosquitoes out!
  • small holes and tears to window screens repaired
  • entire window screens replaced and properly installed
New Creations Handyman Installs Doors and Windows

Interior / Exterior Doors Repaired or Installed

Sometimes a door is in the wrong place and needs to be moved. Sometimes a door needs to be added for better traffic flow. New Creations Handyman can even remove a door and wall it over - changing the look and feel of your home quickly and inexpensively.

Even if it's just a creaky or dented door that needs to be fixed, we have the experience, knowledge and tools necessary to handle those jobs. Because we are a handyman service, we're happy to tackle these seemingly minor jobs. That's something you won't find from a typical contractor!

The New Creations Handyman can handle any and all door repair or door installation needs you have, no matter how small or large.

Interior Door Repairs and Installation

  • repair door dents
  • fix door knobs
  • stop door creaking
  • install sliding or pocket doors
  • install new sound and fire proof doors
  • make a new doorway and install a new interior door
Weather stripping can save you thousands of dollars over time.

Exterior Door Installation and Repair

  • storm door removal and/or installation
  • new door locks and dead bolts
  • patio doors repaired/replaced
  • install weather proofing/stripping
  • repair and repaint front door
  • upgrade front door or patio door
  • new energy saving door

Screen Door Installation

  • protect your family from the elements and keep the mosquitoes out!
  • repair existing screen door
  • upgrade to new energy efficient storm door

As a Minneapolis / St. Paul based company, you'll always know
that you're working with a local handyman.