Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal Install

The Local Handyman "Hero" Can Repair or Replace Just About Everything Inside Your Home... Including the Kitchen Sink

The New Creations Handyman helps you take care of your home inside and out and is experienced and fully equipped to solve your home’s interior repairs and exterior repair and maintenance.

No list is too hard or too long! No job is small or project too large!

Leaky Faucets, Walls to Paint, Replace a Window, Repair a Roof, Patch Hole in the Wall, Unclog Pipes, Fix a Door, Replace a Light Fixture, Fix the Toilet…

Yes, we can do it!

New Creations Handyman can take care of the entire little fix-it jobs around your home. Many repair jobs around the house start as a simple annoyance but that little irritation can grow and eventually compromise your home’s integrity and quality.

The unsightly water stain in the ceiling may likely indicate a more significant problem with your roof. Unchecked, the roof leak could cause wood rot, compromised insulation, and even lead to mold infestation.

New Creations Handyman can solve your home maintenance needs while they’re still small and even after they’ve become a bigger problem. We cover the full list of home repair and handyman services so you can rest easy and relax.

Regular Exterior Home Maintenance Equals
Money in Your Pocket

Home Maintenance problems do not take care of themselves - they just get worse and more expensive to repair. Most people will save up money for bigger home remodeling projects:

  • tiling the bathroom
  • installing new flooring
  • replacing kitchen counter-tops and kitchen cabinets
  • adding a sunroom
  • upgrading the basement family room to a media room with a kitchenette
Many people neglect the regular home maintenance that is essential to the longevity of your home. Just as you get many more miles out of a car when you do regular maintenance, your home will last longer, be more energy efficient, and not sustain damage due to neglected home repairs and home maintenance. You change the oil on your car, dont you? You get it tuned up now and then, right? You most likely spent a lot more money buying your home than your car - so why why wouldn't you take care of what is probably your largest investment of all better than your car?
Exterior Maintenance - Soffit Repair
Monthly Maintenance Plans Available for your Home

Affordable Home Maintenance Done by Your Handyman Hero

New Creations Handyman offers a monthly home service plan which is easy on the budget.

  • worry free regular home maintenance
  • stay on top of annual check-ups (such as furnace and dryer vent which neglected can pose a major health and safety issues)
  • keep up with home repairs
  • avoid costly damage repair
  • save money and headache; keep your family safe

Call or e-mail us for more information about creating an affordable custom service plan for your home. Taking care of the small things today can keep your home's vital components running smoothly and more energy efficiently -- which ultimately saves you time and money.