Drywall Repair - Fixing, Patching, Removing and Adding Walls

Whatever … Wall Needs Repair

Have you been wanting to paint the living room but haven't had the time? Do you have a hole in the wall from moving in your new sofa? New Creations Handyman services can help you restore any needed wall repairs, paint one wall or the whole house, or even remove a wall to improve your home’s flow.

Floor to Ceiling, Inside and Out – Walls, Wallboard, Painting and More...

Fixing Holes in Walls

  • Small holes where artwork, etc. used to hang
  • Wall holes from door knobs
  • furniture moving accidents, energetic children, etc.
  • Water damage
  • Removing or moving a doorway or window

Patching Dings and Nicks in Walls

Normal wear, tear, and daily living can create wall scratches and wall dents

Interior Painting

Paint a wall, paint a room, paint your entire house...New Creations Handyman can help you update your whole house very affordably.

Exterior Painting

Update your curb appeal and preserve your home’s integrity with a fresh coat of paint—painting your house yourself seems like a good idea until you have to go out and get a big tall ladder, or even scaffolding, rollers, extension poles, buckets, brushes, paint sprayer…. And then what do you do when you find water damage and other needed repairs?

Interior House Painting

New Creations Handyman has all the expertise, equipment, and ability to professionally paint your home’s exterior and handle any repairs and maintenance to your siding, trim, soffit, fascia, etc.