Exterior Property Maintenance Minneapolis MN

Fall is hereWe all know that winter is coming and coming quickly and some of us are running out of time to get all the fall chores done before it happens. If you live in the Minneapolis, MN area and are behind like many of us, don’t worry because our Professional Handyman are here to lend a helping hand. Continue reading

Handy Man Services Maple Grove MN

Fall Maintenance HelpAre you a single mother and/or busy professional living in the Minneapolis, MN area and just don’t have the time or ability to handle the maintenance or repairs on your home? If you are that person and are just not naturally handy, there is help available and it’s just a mouse click or phone call away. New Creations Handyman Services offers professional home repair and maintenance services at prices that you can afford. At New Creations, we are available to help you get things done so you can start marking things off your to-do list.  Here are some of the many services offered to our clients: Continue reading

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Local Handyman Minneapolis MN Services We Can Perform

Handy Man ServicesThose pesky home maintenance problems need someone’s attention—if you aren’t qualified to work a wrench or hoist a hammer call your local handyman! Problems in and around your home only get worse over time and more expensive to fix. Continue reading

Professional Handyman Services Minneapolis MN

What Professional Handyman Services Minneapolis MN Can Do For You

HandymanEach and every New Creations Handyman is your on-call, Jack-of-all-trades, licensed contractor who knows how to take care of your home’s interior and exterior. These handymen are experienced (no newbies here!) and come equipped with everything needed to tackle all of your home repairs, restoring your house to its original beauty and functionality. If you have a need for residential handyman services in Minneapolis, MN we can help you. Do any of these small repair and maintenance services ring a bell? Continue reading

Handyman Services Minneapolis MN

Not So Handy Around The Home?

Home MaintenanceYour new home is finally all yours to do with what you want. You have finally fulfilled your dream of owning a home in Minneapolis, MN. Now, if only you knew of someone who could handle all of the maintenance, repair and installation tasks that you – as a not so handy person – need to have done. Have no fear! Your own personal handyman is here! New Creations Handyman service has only highly professional and experienced, Licensed Contractors who are more than happy to assist you with all those Large and Small tasks around the house and property. Continue reading

Drywall Repair Minneapolis MN

drywall repairWhether you’re adding a new room to your Minneapolis, MN home, remodeling an existing living space or simply replacing a damaged wall, installing drywall may seem like one of the simplest home improvement projects to undertake. Hardware stores and home centers equip aisle after aisle full of drywall board and accessories for any do-it-yourself to complete this job over a free weekend. However, in many cases installing drywall is best left to the professionals. Continue reading

Molding And Trim Installation Minneapolis MN

Make an Impact and Define your Style

Decorative TrimMinneapolis, MN is filled with homes that have great character. Whether your home screams out for one particular style or is waiting for some direction, you can put your own personal stamp on it. An easy way to define a room and make it look Beautiful, Finished and Polished, is through decorative trim and molding. Professional Handyman Services are an easy solution for Molding Repair, Replacement and Initial Installation. Isn’t it about time that the interior of your home reflects your own personal style? Continue reading

Door Replacement Minneapolis MN

There are many reasons why it is important to replace your exterior doors. If your doors are in poor condition and hanging on by a thread, they can contribute to high amounts of air leakage leading to energy loss. Doors need to work properly for heating bills to be low. Continue reading