Tile Installation Ham Lake MN

Install Beautiful – Long Lasting Tile

TIle InstallationThere is no doubt that properly installed, high quality tile will add beauty, value and impact to your home. Different types, colors and sizes of tile can be used throughout different rooms. The problem is that poorly installed tile will take away from your home’s value. Continue reading

Home Repair and Maintenance Handyman MN

Home Maintenance and Repair Handyman MN

You’ve got the kitchen of your dreams and a master bedroom suite that would look right at home in a 5-star hotel. And your gorgeous new exterior paint job is the envy of the neighborhood. Your place looks so great that real estate agents are dropping off their cards telling you how much they could sell your place for, if you felt like putting it on the market. Continue reading

Professional Handyman Services MN

Minnesota Handyman Home Repair and Maintenance

Top Projects

This is the most common “To Do” list projects a handyman is called to work on. Take some time to review exactly what a Handyman can do for you. If you have any questions on any item, please do not hesitate to call.  Within our team of handyman professionals, we have many skilled craftsmen, and as such, the projects they can complete are too many to list. Continue reading

Handyman Home Repair and Home Maintenance

Leaking Sink? Dripping Faucet? Broken Toilet?

A leaky faucet or toilet that runs can add up to gallons and gallons of water every month literally down the drain. Save money every month simply by getting household plumbing problems solved. Why call a plumber when you can have your very own professional handyman perform the work quickly, reliably and inexpensively! [plumbing] Continue reading

Handyman Floor Installation Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis Minnesota Handyman Services – Floor Installation and Repair

Home repair experts agree that one of the best ways to quickly improve the appearance of any room in your home and increase the overall value of the home is to repair or replace the flooring. Do-it-yourselfer’s will often approach this task themselves and many home decorating centers and hardware stores have lots of options regarding floor coverings including carpets, tile, linoleum and wood from which to choose. Continue reading