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We’ve all been there… That feeling of despair when you notice that your house is in need of some serious repairs. It can begin with a worn out faucet—or a rotten window sill. Maybe a leaking or running toilet or a clogged drain. The point is, if these things are not done regularly, they can turn into a much bigger problem that can take much longer to resolve and become a greater inconvenience to your family. Plus, no doubt cost a boat load of money! Unfortunately we’re not all born with the DIY gene. So then what?


If DIY just isn’t your thing, don’t worry… you’re not alone. It seems more homeowners than ever are choosing to hire a contractor for their maintenance and home improvement projects. The folks over at Redbeacon spent a lot of time looking into the reasons why. They call it DIFM: do it for me.

In a survey conducted with the help of Kelton Research, they found out some very interesting information about what people will do (and what they’d give up) to have a pro at their beck and call. Some of which may surprise you.

Nearly 25% of homeowners wished they’d hired a professional while they were attempting their DIY project. (Twelve percent of these reluctant DIYers also vowed to never DIY again!)

Of the homeowners surveyed, almost 40% said they spent more time than they’d originally budgeted for the project they tried to DIY. And on the unfortunate side, 23% of respondents admit to fighting with their spouses during the course of the project.

And what would the average American homeowner give up to have a home-service pro at their beck and call?

  • 56% would stay off social media for a full year
  • 36% would give up watching their favorite sports team
  • 35% would stop dining out
  • 23% would hand over their yearly vacation days

And the real surprise? Twenty percent would give up hanky panky for a year in order to have on-call help from a home-service pro.

Shocking? Maybe not. Employed Americans are increasingly at a time crunch — 27% of respondents say they hired out because they simply did not have the free time to put toward their home projects.

Hire A Minnesota Handyman

Some people have a knack for tackling home improvements around the house, but many others… not so much! So if your desire to be handy in your home is matched only by your clumsiness, a Minnesota Handyman can help with anything from a minor leak to a kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel and more!

drywall repair

Drywall Repair – Fixing, Patching

Whether you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer who’s keen to get your hands dirty, or someone who prefers to call in a local handyman, this message applies to all homeowners alike.

The fact is that for most homeowners, your house is the single biggest investment you’ll ever make. And unlike so many other things that we purchase along the way, like cars or clothing – which generally depreciate in value quickly – our properties should increase in value over the long term. In order for homeowners to make the most of this growth, it’s important that a house is properly maintained, because over time, things go wrong: the weather takes its toll on your home’s exterior; tap washers, light switches, and door handles often wear out; floorboards rot; pipes leak, drywall needs patching, and HVAC systems need service, etc.

These things are inevitable and need to be dealt with before any further damage results as a side effect to these problems, because let’s face it, problems don’t often go away when we ignore them. By dealing with them as they happen, you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run, not to mention making your house a more comfortable place to live.

Do It For Me: Why Americans Hire Professionals to Get the Job Done



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