Handyman Services in Ham Lake MN

Are you searching for a handyman in Ham Lake, MN? New Creations has licensed general contractors who are fully bonded, ensured, experienced and dedicated to completing all of your home repair service needs. If your needs are big or small, we are the best handyman crew to call. Our expertise range from plumbing and electrical to installations of windows, doors, handles, vents, even railings. We can even maintain your yard or clean your gutters. We have a wide spectrum of services and specific crew members that have the needed qualifications.

Handyman ServicesSometimes time is a factors, work, kids, schooling or deadlines makes getting those quick or extensive tasks done around the house impossible. Other times its just the extent of how handy you are personally, your expertise might not be home improvement projects. But that doesn’t mean your home has to be outdated or damaged. New Creations is here to help you with any and all of your unexpected home repairs or purchased upgrade installations. Leave the fuss to us!

Our Services Range from Small to Large:

Small Projects

  • Furniture Assembly

  • Cabinet Repair or Installation

  • Installing and Repairing Dimmer and Light Switches, Electrical Outlets and Doorbells

  • Hanging Blinds, Curtains and Pictures

  • Caulking and Grouting

  • Any other small tasks, just ask…

Large Projects

  • Appliance,Counter-top, Sink and Faucet Installation

  • Installing Shelving, Cabinets, Flooring, Molding and Trim

  • Painting

  • Water Damage Repair

  • Ductwork

  • Any other large tasks, just ask…

Throughout the winter months the list of things to fix grows. Now that the weather is more forgiving and the snow is out of site, the time for repairs is now. If your adding up your household repair needs and its a lot more overwhelming that you anticipated we can help you manage the list by helping our or completely taking on every project your desire to be completed. The choice is really up to you. Because this is what we do daily, we have the field advantage. Our team will complete all of those projects quickly and efficiently, allowing a faster more precised repair and more free time for you.

Communication is vital when it comes to completing project in anothers home. At New Creations Handyman we make sure we know exactly what you want prior to any project start. If you don’t know exactly how to fix something but know what you don’t want to deal with, like a squeaky floor board, show us. We will explain your options and together we’ll devise a plan, that you agree upon, which will resolve the issue.

Contact the honest and hardworking New Creations Handyman contractors today at 763-302-9129, for all of your home repair and improvement needs!

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