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Fall Maintenance HelpAre you a single mother and/or busy professional living in the Minneapolis, MN area and just don’t have the time or ability to handle the maintenance or repairs on your home? If you are that person and are just not naturally handy, there is help available and it’s just a mouse click or phone call away. New Creations Handyman Services offers professional home repair and maintenance services at prices that you can afford. At New Creations, we are available to help you get things done so you can start marking things off your to-do list.  Here are some of the many services offered to our clients:

Fall Yard Maintenance:

Leaf Raking

Rake up those old leaves and make sure your bushes are wrapped and ready for winter.


Clean and repair your gutters so they are better prepared to handle all the inclement weather ahead.

Leak Repair

Repair or replace dripping faucets that are driving you bonkers. Do you have a toilet that runs constantly? New Creations can stop your toilet from running and perform most other basic home repairs at reasonable rates.

Replacement Windows and Doors

Stop drafts and leaks from seeping into your warm home by caulking, repairing or replacing old windows and doors.

Indoor/Outdoor Painting

Deck and trim painting helps to keep things their best through the long, hard winter.   Have your interior painted so your home looks its best for the upcoming holiday season.  No job is too big or too small for New Creations. Need a guestroom painted and spruced up? New Creations is there for you.

For the single mother and/or busy professionals who are just not naturally handy, New Creations can be your home care hero and all it takes is one click of your mouse to set up an appointment and you can get back to making memories with your family. New Creation is located in the Twin Cites Metro, Minneapolis MN area and they have been servicing customers since 1986.

To reach the best of the best in professional home repair and maintenance services, make a plan to contact New Creations today.

To begin marking things off of your to-do list, get in touch with New Creations Handyman Services by calling 763-302-9129 for more details.

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