Garage Door Repair Ham Lake MN

Prepping Your Garage Door for Winter in Ham Lake MN

Fall Home Maintenance MNNoticing the changing leaves? For many homeowners in the Ham Lake, MN area, that’s a sign to begin those winter prep tasks. Contact a reliable home inspection service like New Creations Handyman and request an inspection of your doors and windows. Garage door maintenance may seem like a small thing but when heat begins escaping, it will become a big deal. Take advantage of the pre-winter season. You need your garage door weather seal and tracks inspected to keep everything in good working order. Regular maintenance of garage doors is crucial and only requires a minimal investment.

Garage Door Restoration

The professional home repair service team will clean the garage door removing any set in stains. You can’t use abrasives on garage doors, it can damage the finish. They may apply a gentle coat of protectant to shield the garage from ultraviolet rays as well.

Can You Replace the Parts?

Your home repair team will clean the weather seal, lubricate it and replace it if necessary. You should know that petroleum based lubricants aren’t a good idea. Always use silicone-based lubricants, at least every two months for proper weatherproofing. If you want to keep the door moving easily, check all the parts. The rollers, tracks and even the hinges need some lubrication too. Never attempt to lubricate hoisting cables or springs yourself. This a risky repair job that is best left to the professional home repair team at New Creations Handyman.

Garage Door Maintenance Includes the Clicker

Changes in the weather in Ham Lake, MN can bring on the need for garage door adjustment. While you can do some of this yourself, for the best results call the professional New Creation Handyman team. You need a well-balanced door that moves properly when activated by remote or switch. Never allow the children to play with a garage door opener. You need it!

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