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Fall is hereWe all know that winter is coming and coming quickly and some of us are running out of time to get all the fall chores done before it happens. If you live in the Minneapolis, MN area and are behind like many of us, don’t worry because our Professional Handyman are here to lend a helping hand.
Having your home maintenance chores checked off are very important to keeping your house up. However, for us who live in Minnesota, we only have a short period of time before snow flies again to get all the exterior maintenance done. Inside maintenance can be completed year-round.

Home Exterior Maintenance List for Fall:

1. Raking Leaves:

Do you live in a heavily treed area and can’t tell if you still have grass or not? Making sure your leaves are raked before snow flies helps your grass come spring time. We already have dead/yellow grass in the spring, but when we leave leaves over winter then the grass really dies off.

2. Fireplace Check:

You’ll want to make sure your fireplace is up to par and ready to go once we drop into the freezing temperatures. If you don’t, you could face having issues during the winter when the temps reach below 30 degrees and you’re trying to start a fire, causing more damage.

3. Windows/Doors:

In Minnesota, it’s crucial to make sure there are no leaks in the house. After all, our electric and gas bills are already sky rocketing during the winter months, so we need to make sure the heat can’t escape and cold can’t come in.

4. Roof Inspection:

We get a lot of snow and ice during the winter months so making sure your roof is good is also a crucial part to a successful winter. You don’t need to worry about water damage in the spring.

5. Gutter Cleaning:

Making sure all the leaves and debris are out of your gutters will help ensure that the snow and ice melting process goes like it’s supposed to.

6. Exterior Plumbing:

If you have outdoor plumbing, you’ll want to drain the system and winterize the pipes so you don’t have to worry about replacing it later.

7. Dryer Vent:

Making sure your dryer vent is clean and clear before snow flies saves you from treading through 2 feet of snow in December because the vent isn’t working.

Depending on what type of exterior projects you have, they can all be time consuming and some too difficult to do alone. Luckily for you, our qualified professionals at New Creations Handyman are experienced in handyman work for the everyday chores. We will help you complete all your chores in a timely and efficient manner so you can rest easy before the snow flies.

Need help with other things? Don’t worry because we are all licensed contractors who can help you quote and complete all your other home exterior maintenance.

Fill out our online form or call today and let us help you with all your handyman chores. 763.302.9129

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