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Door InstallationWhen it comes to renovating your home, most people tend to forget about their front door. At New Creations Handyman, we know how important your home renovation is, and we are here to help you choose the doors perfect for you and your family.

What are Solid Core Doors?

Solid core doors have particleboard or steel centers and are coated with wood or fiberglass veneers to provide a durable finish. Although they are different than solid wood doors, solid core doors mimic their weight and feel. Solid core doors are an affordable alternative when comparing them to high-end, expensive solid wood doors.

Comparable to solid wood doors, they are not made of just one material. In fact, they are made up of several layers of materials bonded together or non-bonded, but instead pressed together under high temperatures and pressure.

Solid core doors provide better insulation from sound than a hollow core door. Sound Transmission Coefficient, also known as STC, is an indicator of a material’s ability to act as a sound barrier.

The higher the STC, the better the door will be at sound-proofing your entrance. Solid core doors rate about 15% higher than hollow core doors in STC because they are so lightweight. Solid core doors are able to give more insulation as well, which can help increase your energy efficiency.

What are Hollow Core Doors?

Hollow core doors are created from cardboard baffle centers concealed by veneer. The cost-efficient materials give the hollow core doors the ability to be fairly inexpensive, but do not offer much quality. Hollow core doors have a wood perimeter and faces of hardboard. The hardboard faces are split by Styrofoam bars or ribbed paper blocks inside.

Generally painted instead of stained, these doors are mostly used as interior doors because of their ability to soak up moisture–which can make the door expand and contract, causing warping.

Don’t wait until the last minute to upgrade your doors! Let the experts at New Creations Handyman and Repair help you decide if solid or hollow core doors are the right choice for your home. Call us today at 763-302-9129!

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