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New Creations Handyman: Your One Stop Shop For All Of Your Repair Needs

Home MaintenanceSince 1986, our licensed contractors have been making life a little easier for homeowners, working diligently to complete home repairs all around the home. No matter what home improvement needs you may have, our professional handymen have the right tools, skills and proficiency to dwindle down your To-Do list so you can spend more time with your family and friends.

Below is a list of some of the repair services we offer to Minnesota: Continue reading

Handyman Services Ramsey MN

Burst PipeThere’s only one thing worse than hearing or seeing a leaky pipe, the damage it can cause. The moment you lay eyes on your faucet that’s spewing out water–or that noticeable stain on the ceiling–your stomach sinks as you start to think about water damage, and how much it will cost to repair it. Continue reading

Help Maintaining your Home Andover MN

Repair HelpIs your Andover, MN home repair list getting a little too long to handle? There are many things to do during the day, and sometimes certain tasks are easy to put-off. Although repairs can be put-off for a little while, it is best to get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage, or worse, a new system altogether. Continue reading

Clogged Pipes Ham Lake MN

Clogged pipesDrains are neatly placed underneath our sinks and in our cabinet space, so it is easy to forget about them and act as if they aren’t even there. Because of this reason, drain pipes tend to get overlooked and are often forgotten. Continue reading

Toilet Repair Ham Lake MN

Toilet RepairAlthough most people don’t like to talk about it, the toilet is a very important–and one of the most used item in any household. Because toilets are used so often, problems are not unusual. In fact, everyone will experience some type of issue with their toilet at some point in their lives.  If toilet problems are left unattended for too long, it can turn messy very fast. It is important to call your repair handyman as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Continue reading

Handyman Repair Blaine MN

We all have “to-do” lists: things that need to be done. From today’s daily errands and daily chores, to those projects that have been half completed since summer. Often times, that to-do list seems to only get bigger and bigger every day rather than shrinking like we want it to. There is just too much to do and never enough time. You know the list: take out the trash, do the dishes, wash the windows, repair the screen door, replace the light fixtures, fix the roof…really, the list could go on forever.

“Honey-Do to Honey-Done”

At New Creations Handyman Repair, we can change your “honey-do” list to a “honey-done” list.  We can fix anything– from a squeaky door or a drafty window, to a leaky faucet or a dented wall. We can also:

  • Tile the bathroom
  • Install new flooring
  • Replace kitchen counter-tops and kitchen cabinets
  • Add a sun room
  • Drywall repair
  • Filter Replacement
  • Assemble furniture
  • Install dimmer switches
  • Install blind and curtains
  • Hang Pictures
  • Install toilets
  • Install and repair doorbells
  • Install flood lights
  • Upgrade the basement family room into a media room with a kitchenette
  • And many more…

Since 1986, our team of professionals have been providing home construction and repair services to overly satisfied residences around the Twin Cities.  Unlike other contractors, no job is too big or too small for our experienced and fully qualified crew of members.

New Creations Handyman has been providing contractor and handyman services in Minnesota and the Twin City metro area for decades. Call our office today (763) 302-9129. Let us help you get your honey-do list completed!

Handyman Plumber and Plumbing Repair Blaine MN

Blaine MN Handyman Plumber and Plumbing Repair

Nothing brings family and friends together like the Holidays. The more the merrier. But, picture this… its Christmas morning, the guests are arriving, dinner is in the oven, and suddenly you hear a gurgling sound bubbling up from your drain. Yikes! Continue reading

MN Handyman Plumber and Plumbing Repair

Handyman Plumber and Plumbing Repair MN

Household plumbing maintenance issues can seem like just an irritating thing that you might get to sometime. But every drip drip drip of water that goes down the drain is water that you pay for each month. A leaky faucet or toilet that runs can add up to gallons and gallons of water every month literally down the drain. Continue reading

Home Repair & Maintenance Handyman Coon Rapids MN

Coon Rapids MN Home Repair & Maintenance Handyman

Home ownership is, and I hope will always be part of the American dream. It is also one of the largest investment most of us will ever make. So it just makes sense to do everything we can to keep it in tip top shape. Not only to keep it looking good, but to maintain its value! In fact, a poorly maintained home could lose 10% of its appraised value. Continue reading

Minnesota Handyman Blaine MN

Blaine Minnesota Handyman

It’s here! Brrrrr! Even though it happens every year, the first snowfall of the season seems to just sneak up on us. Welcome to November in Minnesota. Call it our winter dress rehearsal for what is sure to be a very snowy, very cold, and very long winter. Living in Minnesota, we are all familiar with the extreme weather our beloved state can create. From arctic blasts and freezing temperatures in winter to violent thunderstorms in spring and summer, the Minneapolis-St Paul area gets more than its fair share of extreme weather. Don’t we know it! Continue reading