Blind and Curtain Installation Ham Lake MN

Curtain InstallationAdding custom drapery or any other custom window treatments can add a unique sense of style and liven up any room. Adding window treatments around your home is an easy and effective way to bring a sense of comfort. With so many designs and fabrics offered on the market, it is easy to fall in love with any style that will best suit your home. Continue reading

Home Repair Ham Lake MN

Home RepairIt may not look or feel like springtime throughout Minnesota, nevertheless, a lot of homeowners are gearing up for their annual “spring-cleaning”. Spring cleaning means double-duty carpet cleaning, basement organizing, and working on those pesky repairs that you’ve been holding off all winter. Continue reading

Toilet Repair Ham Lake MN

Toilet RepairAlthough most people don’t like to talk about it, the toilet is a very important–and one of the most used item in any household. Because toilets are used so often, problems are not unusual. In fact, everyone will experience some type of issue with their toilet at some point in their lives.  If toilet problems are left unattended for too long, it can turn messy very fast. It is important to call your repair handyman as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Continue reading

Window Replacement Minneapolis MN

If your windows are starting to look a little worn down, no longer protect you from outside elements or filter out the noise, it may be time for them to be replaced. Not only can new windows enhance the beauty of your home, they can also reduce your energy bills, increase your comfort, and help keep your home nice and quiet. Continue reading

Door Replacement Minneapolis MN

There are many reasons why it is important to replace your exterior doors. If your doors are in poor condition and hanging on by a thread, they can contribute to high amounts of air leakage leading to energy loss. Doors need to work properly for heating bills to be low. Continue reading

Tile Blaine MN

Tile-flooring1When deciding on a new floor, you have so many options that it can become overwhelming very quickly. For thousands of years, builders and homeowners have chosen tile for their projects because it offers various benefits. In addition, ceramic and porcelain tile products are environmentally-friendly, which helps protect our Earth.

Tile is extensively adaptable and can be used in an array of settings, from kitchens and baths to dining rooms and living rooms. Whether you’re looking for a stone finish or a traditional glazed finish, there’s a tile style to suit every taste. Continue reading

Finishing Basements Blaine MN

Basement-Finishing-BlaineEven if your basement is currently cold, hard concrete, and stuffed with boxes of off-season clothing and decorations, the lowest level of your home is filled with loads of potential. Your basement should be treated just as you would any other rooms of your home, and it may just become the most favored spot in the house for you and your family.  Below are some guidelines to follow to help start your basement renovation project. Continue reading