Wall Repair Blaine MN

DIY - DrywallLet’s face it: no matter what, your walls will inevitably become damaged. Whether one of your friends bashed a hole in the wall when he was angry at that football game, or if your kids were having a little too much fun playing baseball in the house, your walls will always take a good beating. Although drywall is cost efficient and can be easily installed, impact on it can easily cause dents or holes and it is also vulnerable to moisture damage. Continue reading

Re-caulking handyman or contractor Blaine MN

iStock_000009191139XSmallAny homeowner’s worst nightmare is mold. The damage, staining, and smell caused by out of control mold growth can make anyone go mad. Mold can negatively affect your home, your health, and your wallet if it gets out of hand. Caulking is a very important part in making sure those small cracks and seams don’t become a moldy situation. Continue reading