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It’s here! Brrrrr! Even though it happens every year, the first snowfall of the season seems to just sneak up on us. Welcome to November in Minnesota. Call it our winter dress rehearsal for what is sure to be a very snowy, very cold, and very long winter. Living in Minnesota, we are all familiar with the extreme weather our beloved state can create. From arctic blasts and freezing temperatures in winter to violent thunderstorms in spring and summer, the Minneapolis-St Paul area gets more than its fair share of extreme weather. Don’t we know it! Continue reading

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We’ve all been there… That feeling of despair when you notice that your house is in need of some serious repairs. It can begin with a worn out faucet—or a rotten window sill. Maybe a leaking or running toilet or a clogged drain. The point is, if these things are not done regularly, they can turn into a much bigger problem that can take much longer to resolve and become a greater inconvenience to your family. Continue reading

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Home Repair and Energy Efficiency

Chances are you’ve heard quite a bit about methods for making your home green. It’s a pretty hot topic these days. Maybe you just don’t have time to replace all your incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescents. Or perhaps you’re not sold that buying new light bulbs will save you money. Continue reading