Insulating and Weather Stripping Handyman MN

Handyman Services MN | Insulating and Weather-stripping

Are you looking for a way to reduce your utility bills? A Minnesota Handyman can help you evaluate your home and suggest ways to keep your heating and cooling bills low. Installing insulation in your attic may be one of the keys to increasing your home’s efficiency. Continue reading

MN Handyman Plumbing Services

Handyman Plumber and Plumbing Repair MN

Learning how to avoid plumbing problems can save you a lot of money and a lot of headache.  A little prevention can go a long way. Just in case, consult a Minnesota Handyman for those times that are too serious for you to handle all by yourself. Continue reading

Handyman Home Improvements MN

Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota Handyman Services

It’s common to get bored with the look of outside of your house. Most likely you don’t need to move. You just need to do a little more keeping up with the Jones. Take a good look at the houses on your street. What have your neighbors done to make their houses stand out? Most likely it’s simple projects that you can easily do or have done. Continue reading

Interior and Exterior Handyman Home Repairs Minneapolis St Paul MN

Handyman Home Repairs For People Who Want To Sell Their Homes NOW!

Unfortunately, very few homes are already picture perfect when the owners make the decision to sell. Most require anywhere from minor repairs to major renovations. How little or how much work you wish to put into your house is entirely up to you. However, remember the more attractive your home, the more appealing it will be to prospective buyers. And the more appealing … the faster the sale (and the higher the offer!!). Continue reading

MN Handyman Home Improvements That Will Add Value To Your Home

Interior and Exterior Handyman Home Repairs Minneapolis St Paul MN

Any real estate pro can tell you there are 3 important areas to consider if you’re selling your home: curb appeal, kitchen and bathrooms.  But, why wait until you sell your home to shape up these areas?  Follow the advice of real estate professionals to put your home’s best “face” forward even if you are not putting it on the market. Continue reading

MN Handyman Home Repair and Maintenance

Professional Handyman Services For Your Home

  • Is a door squeak irritating you? Your local Handyman can come and fix it.
  • Windows drafty? He’ll repair or replace one or all of your windows.
  • Faucet goes drip, drip, drip? Call a Handyman to stop that leak.
  • Wall dented? Need to move a wall? Rely on a professional Minnesota Handyman to patch it – and handle any other carpentry work, too! Continue reading

Window Replacement or Repair Handyman Minneapolis MN

Window Installation Replacement or Repair Handyman Services MN

If you are shopping for windows and doors, you should understand your options and how your choices can affect your home’s comfort and energy costs. This guide also provides tips on installing windows and doors and it explains the terminology that will help you ask the right questions before you make a purchase. Becoming an educated shopper will allow you to choose the features your home needs, without paying for more than you need. Continue reading

MN Handyman Remodeling and Home Improvements

Remodel, Improve, Repair with a Professional Minnesota Handyman

Today, there are things you want to get done around the house.  That can mean anything from replacing a kitchen countertop, to drywall repairs, to remodeling or painting a room and more. To make sure the work is completed to a professional level of quality, homeowners in Minnesota choose to call a Handyman. Continue reading