New Creations Handyman Saves Me Time And A Lot Of Frustration

Cindy M - Maple Grove, MN

Leaking Sink? Dripping Faucet? Broken Toilet?

The New Creations Handyman is your trusted local Minnesota source for plumbing repair, installation and more. Why call a plumber when you can have your very own professional handyman perform the work quickly, reliably and inexpensively! [plumbing]

Hole in a Wall? Wood Floor Install or Refinish?

No job is too big or too small for us. Whether you need your wall patched or even a new wall built, we can handle it. The Handyman can handle your carpentry work from drywall, to framing, and even painting. We can fix your walls, floors, ceilings and more. [drywall]

Window Drafts? Door that Won’t Latch?

Energy efficient windows and doors can save you thousands of dollars over time. Doors that don’t latch properly are annoying and a potential security risk. New Creations Handyman can professionally repair or replace those problem doors and windows. [windows and doors]